25 dating dealbreakers

21-Sep-2019 09:42

They then asked 271 adults to consider a situation in which their potential partner had x Deal-makers and y Deal-Breakers.They were asked to rate how likely they would be to consider that person as a friend; a short-term partner; or a long-term partner. doi:10.1037/0022-3514.94.2.245 3 Joel, S., Teper, R., & Mac Donald, G. People overestimate their willingness to reject potential romantic partners by overlooking their concern for others.I discovered a few things that shocked me: At least half of the women listed something about Jesus, a good portion of them listed having kids, and apparently I'm way more attractive to the type of women in Dallas than I am in my home city. What are the most common deal-breakers for men and women?Maybe give it a shot if that's what you're into.I live in a very liberal city, but recently traveled to Dallas and checked out the dating app scene down there.The results showed that the deal when considering the person as a short-term mate.

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Five pieces of information were potential deal-breakers—poor hygiene; short-tempered; has an STD; promiscuous; and drinks excessively—and five were deal-makers—physically attractive; kind; good career; good sense of humor; intelligent. You are giving me 4 pictures to demonstrate your appearance, and you as a fucking dog makes the cut?? Maybe this is just my personal experience (with tinder) but I'll swipe if they say that.