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13-Aug-2020 19:50

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"We wanted to see you off to your date N/n." Nigel said as he escorted her down the stairs while both of the Uno children saw Chad talking to their parents, Nigel placed a tiny tracking device on her dress so they could follow her whereabouts while he put the cherry flavored lollipop she gave him into his mouth while Kuki had strawberry kiwifruit, Wally had orange raspberry, Haogie had sour green apple and Abby had blurpleberry.Nigel and Y/n cleared their throats in unison thus gaining their own parents and Chad's attention, Chad's cheeks were down bright red as he wore a deep blue tshirt and his dark blue jeans with his white sneakers along with his new varsity football jacket." Number one said as Y/n pulled on her red hoodie dress with a pair of black combat boots then the ruby jewelry that their grandfather gifted her.She then carefully put in her contact lens into her e/c eyes before brushing her teeth making sure everything from her look to outfit were perfect for her date with Chad." She said while he yelled out blushing towards Y/n. **)Present(** Chad smiled remembering how they first became friends, a team of the best of kids next door operatives ever had, how they became the greatest in the K. Kuki and Abby smiled at the sweetest of them while the boys gagged quietly.Y/n span around looking up at the sky smiling before looking over at Chad and pulled him close to her.YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Your the oldest sister of Numbeh 1 aka Nigel Uno, You are Y/n Uno and one of the greatest fighters for K. D your numbeh 0.1, the leader of sector V along with your friends Cree Lincoln (numbeh 11), Maurice (numbeh 9) and the twin operatives 8a and... "Alright team tonight we'll be spying on my big sister's Y/n ugh date with the traitor 274, Chad Dickson.Remember your posts and commlinks, kids next door move out!

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"You remember don't you Chad when we first met? "Yeah I do remember all to well, you kicked my butt." He said as they held hands walking to the park. (* Y/n Uno age six looked up at the statue of the kids next door first female operative Number 999, her role model and heroine with sparkling e/c eyes.)Meanwhile( "That was disturbing to watch my sister kiss that traitor of the kids next door ugh!