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The remaining portion lies along the Senegal River Valley in the extreme south and southeast.

The terrain consists of a plateau with vast sand dunes.

The climate is hot and dry with frequent sandstorms.

The country borders Senegal to the south, Mali to the southeast, Algeria to the northeast, and the Western Sahara to the north.

Religious leaders and people from immigrant families symbolize power, intelligence, respect, and holiness.

There are three important religious brotherhoods and subsects whose leaders symbolize supernatural knowledge and insight: the Tjjaniya, Qadriya, and Hamaliya. Ancestors are honored, and cemeteries are respected and feared.

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The country was created by colonial France in close alliance with the Arab-Berber theocracy in the Trarza region.

Soninke (Sarakolle) is spoken on the borders with Mali and Senegal. This resulted in ethnic confrontation over the national language.

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