American women dating swedish men

18-Dec-2020 16:50

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I just didn't want this to be on my regular account. When I was in NYC I generally found the women there really attractive, I don't know if its the food or the different ethnicities, but women there looked quite well. Americans are different to Irish people and Europeans in general. Preconceptions are based on nationality rather than your gender though really. lol Out of curiosity though, what are some of the preconceived notions for American women. I couldn't speak for everyone, but there are some Americanisms (not exclusive to women) that annoy people. Lack of knowledge about the world outside of the US tends to be another sterotypically American thing that gets on peoples nerves: I'd give the wikipedia page on Irish history a glance when you come over.It's a bit unfair, but there you go (Here's a tip: when in doubt, just shrug your shoulders and say: 'ah well sure' or 'ah stop').

American accent wouldn't annoy me, it would be seen as a novelty, kind of in the same way an Irish accent is seen in the states. My friend is going out with an American woman at the moment.I would say in comparision to Irish women American women are more confident.She ended up staying for 6 months as opposed to the original one or two weeks she had planned.

She still sends letters every so often to people from here.Americans are like our favourite cousin, we may take the piss but we enjoy thefact that they are here (the English are like the cousins we have a family feud with but cant really be arsed keeping it up seriously anymore and is really just for show at this stage).