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30-Mar-2020 05:13

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There’s a group of people there known as the Mosuo.

What’s interesting about these people is they do not marry—it’s the only society in the world where marriage is not the norm.

I want to help people see the world in the most enlightened possible way.” “In addition to undergrad courses, I’ve taught in the Holt School ever since I came here.

I very much enjoy the Holt students—they have the advantage of life experience, and they can bring a lot into the classroom.

That experience proved very useful in my love and marriage class.

I’m always trying to get students to see the humanity of people in countries we clash with politically.

When I was in college, the pattern was to arrange a date, call up somebody, and say, ‘Hey, do you want to go to a movie or football game Friday night?

’ But now it’s more like, ‘Hey, let’s hang out at a bar or place where we’re likely to run into each other and things will progress from there.’ There’s also a subtype on campus that’s more likely to hang out in the dorms playing ‘The Settlers of Catan.’ And that’s OK, because there’s something fundamentally healthy about that type of ‘nerdy’ environment that may be missing from the bar scene.

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’ So I broke into an Elvis song, and he said, ‘Keep your day job, professor.’” “I was actually in the Navy reserves during the Vietnam War.“I understand a few things a little better,” he quips, “but it hasn’t changed my behavior much.

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