Auto updating news script

18-Jun-2020 18:32

SAG Content Scroller SAG Scroller takes a regular UL list and scrolls it upwards, one LI at a time and pausing in between.It lets you showcase content that can either be defined inline on the page, inside an external file and fetched via Ajax, or sourced from RSS feeds.The scroller can be set to either auto scroll, or on user demand via the navigation panel as part of its interface.This is version 2 of the cross browser marquee that scrolls the contents upwards (instead of sideways).Just open the file, and enter the desired messages to show.

Easily define your messages, which support rich HTML, all inside this external text file.

Expandable ticker This script expands on the regular ticker, by delivering its messages both in sequence (one at a time), and optionally, all at once.

No more waiting to get to a message you saw earlier!

Pausing RSS scroller is an innovative scroller that combines PHP and external Java Script to let you show any RSS feed on your site- and beyond!

By bypassing Ajax in favour of dynamically loaded Java Script, the scroller can be included on any site, enabling you to syndicate your feed for other sites to display, just by allowing webmasters to cut and paste the frontend portion of this script.

Now there's no more excuse to not update the contents of your ticker more often!

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