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03-Dec-2019 22:38

All the lines are obvious and the entire "magical elevator" concept makes very little sense. The shorter of two Weather Tech commercials that aired during the game is quick and simple.

Trying to have a conversation on your phone in the car? But I'm not going online in the middle of the Super Bowl to watch a Ridley Scott ad for Turkish Airlines. Don't make us watch a trailer -- show us the commercial.

But, really, it's more of a Bud Light commercial than a Tony Romo brags about his "easy" lifestyle in a low-key, goofy spot for the shoe brand. This commercial has the darkly lit, vaguely "cinematic" look that many serious ads chase.

The part where he hits the golf ball into the big hole is clever, but most of this ad feels like something you'd see during any other sporting event. (The child's voice-over also gives the spot a nebulous Terrence Malick vibe.) But the actual copy is a oddly confrontational, paying tribute to the hard-working values of a community by striking a forlorn, bleak tone about celebrity culture and fame. There were lots of sad robots in commercials this year.

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Depending on your level of cynicism, you'll either smile or retch.

It's an ad where a rich celebrity guy irritates a service industry worker for a minute.

The whole commercial feels like someone saying "you're welcome" in a really passive aggressive way.

(According to these ads, the national anxiety about artificial intelligence and automation is real.) The android in this beer commercial is frustrated because he spends all his time working out and doesn't get to enjoy a beer. We've reached the point where Amazon's Echo is so ubiquitous that completely unrelated products, like snack chip Pringles, now feature unnamed knock-off versions of it in their ads.

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In a few years, all commercials will just feature Echo's talking to each other back and forth. The Budweiser Clydesdales return in this wind-powered ad, which mostly keeps the focus on a dog instead of those majestic horses.

For a commercial, it's fine -- but we worry about the impressionable young drivers out there, and have to dock this Who-scored Toyota commercial a few points for that reason. Where Amazon went the humorous, celebrity-driven route this year, our other tech-overlord, Google, decided to go for a more earnest, thoughtful approach.

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