Bbc has a history dating back to dating early american pottery

10-Oct-2019 02:31

This decision by the BBC is not only puerile and absurd.It is also deeply anti-democratic, and I urge all those who are fed up with the advance of pointless political correctness to fight back.Then add the number to your phone contacts as 'Radio Today' for this service to work.This is a private list and your number won't be shared with other users or organisations. So much for the BBC Radio 2 ‘suits’ attempting to do a ‘cover-up’ over this (and the breakfast show mess) to save their own a***s !!!Posting on Twitter, Mayo said: “An ex-Radio 2 host writes…So thank you all for all the wonderful comments here. I’ve done a daily national BBC show for 31 years solid so this might take a while to adjust to…anyway the new radio show will be announced in January.It will be startling.” A report in The Sun previously suggested he could be heading to Smooth Radio, though nothing has been confirmed by Global.We’ll bring you the confirmed news when we get it in the New Year.

Even though I get most of my news from papers or the internet, I pay through the nose for the privilege of having a TV. We have all been brought up to imagine that the reason we call this year 2011 AD, or Anno Domini, is that it is 2011 years after the putative birth of Jesus Christ.If you like radio news like this, make sure you visit our sister site, On The uk for recommendations for what to listen to each day!