Best dating advice for women from men learn how to date code product and service dating

12-Mar-2020 05:42

You are a MAN and you experience the world very differently than a woman.When men attempt to crack the female code, they often make the mistake of approaching it like a warrior and developing elaborate tactics.How she works, what she wants, and why she does the things she does.So here’s your first Wing Girl lesson: there is a world of difference between what a woman SAYS she wants from a man and what she REALLY RESPONDS TO.

Skip the endless hours of trial and error, the wasting of countless dollars on systems that don’t work and the constant rejection from women.

You wouldn’t go out to fix your car without the friggin’ manual, would you?

You need to know what goes on under the hood of the female mind.

Now I use “Wing Girl” & “Female Advice Expert” skills that I mastered with my guy friends with men all over the world. ”From my experience with my guy friends and with dating, I have learned that there are Every man I have been attracted to or had a successful relationship with had these ’11 Key Characteristics of Attraction” in place.

“Okay, Marni,” you may say, “I’m starting to trust you. Men, who did not have these characteristics, turned me off and were not able to hold my attention.

This means our brains work a little differently than yours. Remember, I am a woman with a unique ability: I can clearly articulate what other women can’t even see, much less talk about.

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