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It only dawned on me when the girl, Ratri, began stroking the horse's nose and muzzle, her face next to his, whispering niceties to him.Her hands on his broad, powerful neck, she then kissed him right on the lips.He was so huge; his male organ was fully as long as my forearm, and much thicker.The tip was not sheathed in a foreskin like that of a man, instead just the purplish tip sticking out, bulbous and swollen, and shiny with moisture. No male, man or beast, could withstand such treatment without stiffening from the resultant lust; as Sari and I watched, the girl already rubbing it faster, gripping it more firmly, it began to extend upwards, swelling, growing stiffer and stiffer, until it was pointed directly at Ratri.I remembered that it was thick, the flesh a dark, mottled black, and very, very long....

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I couldn't even begin to fathom what was about to occur."Commence," the Sultan said, and one of the women bowed.She now wore only her loincloth, her flesh now exposed to our view.Lifting her arms for him, the stallion began snuffling at her naked breasts, their nipples becoming tipped with desire as his huge, leathery snout brushed back and forth across her nipples, lingering in the space between them, and then delving into her armpits, his nostrils quivering with obvious interest.Getting down to her knees, she moved up underneath him, facing the forbidden place between his legs directly.

Peering closer despite myself, I saw his manhood actually beginning to emerge, and I averted my gaze again."Ohhh, look," Sari said, touching my arm.

I averted my eyes out of respect for the Sultan, not wishing to look upon an organ as fearsome as the horse's was sure to be.

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