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As they drew near to the Scots it wasn’t the only thing hiding under the cover of darkness.For one of Haakon’s men unfortunately stood on one of these spiny little defenders and shrieked out in pain, alerting the Clansmen of the advancing Norsemen. The first use of the Thistle as a royal symbol of Scotland was on silver coins issued by James III in 1470.In medieval Ireland, Samhain became the principal festival, celebrated with a great assembly at the royal court in Tara, lasting for three days.After being ritually started on the Hill of Tlachtga, a bonfire was set alight on the Hill of Tara, which served as a beacon, signaling to people gathered atop hills all across Ireland to light their ritual bonfires.

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Similarly, an Lùnasdal and an t-Samhain are the modern Scottish Gaelic names for August and November.FEATURED PRODUCT: Beautifully detailed Sterling Silver Heart Locket adorned with a Scottish Thistle.