China and online dating

29-Dec-2019 17:39

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Some public parks, such as the Shanghai People’s Park, even have a ‘blind dating corner’, where parents walk around with a picture of their child and a handwritten paper with what requirements a potential partner should meet. This way, their parents can stop worrying, and they will not have to go through the process of being asked nagging questions.These male ‘escorts’ can be arranged through , China’s biggest e-commerce platform.According to CEO Tian Fanjiang, the dating platform will keep on growing together with its member base, offering wedding services, marriage counseling and trainings in the future.Unfortunately, online dating is not all moonlight and roses.With the world’s largest smartphone market, the majority of Chinese Internet users go online through their mobile phone.

Why is it so hard for ‘leftover women’ to find a partner? Since the implementation of the one-child policy in 1978, China has been dealing with a disparity in girls and boys, due to traditional preferences for sons and the widespread occurrence of illegal sex-selective abortions. This gender ratio imbalance has drastic consequences for Chinese society.

Popular dating websites like Baihe meet their customer’s demand by approaching dating in a practical way.