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10-Nov-2019 20:29

Also because of the One Child Policy, parents are paying more attention when students go into puberty.However there are probably more early age sexual activates in vocational schools, “after all, vocational schools students are examination-oriented education losers”.Schools, hotels and various “love business” chain intertwine here.In the news on November 7, Motel 168 near Guangling Road became the headline picture.Shanghai Zhabei Procuratorate published a signed article in the local media, said these female high school students “organized prostitution, referred clients and formed a fixed circle, kind of like the so-called Enjo-kōsai in the Japanese society.” After this statement, a Shanghai judicial system official complained to how this case was disclosed was against common sense.“During the criminal investigation process, Public Security once wanted to reveal the case to the public, but considering this case was not so complicated and also the matter of projecting minors, they just handed case over to the Procuratorate.One anonymous scholar came up with an official 2007 data which showed criminal information processed by Shanghai Minhang District People’s Court in the past ten years.

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Non-local criminals are more than 70% of the total criminals.

To make equal return to; to remunerate; to recompense; to give an equivalent to; to requite suitably; as, to compensate a laborer for his work, or a merchant for his losses. To be equivalent in value or effect to; to counterbalance; to make up for; to make amends for.

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