Consolidating business processes

20-Oct-2020 21:12

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Suites and solutions represent ways of automating business processes, but automation is only one aspect of BPM.

The concept of business process may be as traditional as concepts of tasks, department, production, and outputs, arising from job shop scheduling problems in the early 20th Century., with formal definitions and technical modeling, has been around since the early 1990s (see business process modeling).

Also, the coupling of BPM to industry methodologies allows users to continually streamline and optimize the process to ensure that it is tuned to its market need.

research on BPM has paid increasing attention to the compliance of business processes.

It may also involve running "what-if analysis"(Conditions-when, if, else) on the processes: "What if I have 75% of resources to do the same task?

" "What if I want to do the same job for 80% of the current cost? Business process execution is broadly about enacting a discovered and modeled business process. Business process automation encompasses methods and software deployed for automating business processes.

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The proposed improvement could be in human-to-human, human-to-system or system-to-system workflows, and might target regulatory, market, or competitive challenges faced by the businesses.For example, workflow management systems can assign individual steps requiring deploying human intuition or judgment to relevant humans and other tasks in a workflow to a relevant automated system.

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