Dating english gold jewelry

02-Jan-2021 11:26

Named after Great Britain’s beloved Queen Victoria who was an undeniable romantic.

Queen Victoria’s reign was the second longest of any British monarch in history, spanning from 1837 until her death in 1901.

Up to this point essentially all jewelry was being completely handmade with expensive 22k gold, 18k gold and silver.

With rapid advances in technology, machines could now cut & stamp metal and make chain and electroplated gold onto base metals.

Please keep in mind that rings with an age of over 100 years old should be considered as precious as they are and should be worn slightly more delicately.

Most of our current collection falls into one of two categories; vintage or estate.

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Diamonds were typically set in sterling silver and backed (foil backed) in gold.After a successful collaboration with mega-influencer Estee Lalonde, Daisy’s delicate pieces have become a regular feature on Instagram.