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08-Oct-2019 17:38

This year, I celebrate my 25 wedding anniversary with my French husband. My goodness, I’ve lived longer with this man than any member of my own family.In fact, I have lived longer in Paris than any other city I grew up in.It’s often expected to fill someone else’s water glass along with your own and attentiveness becomes second nature at a young age.

There is no need for tickets to the gun show or the basketball game because we feel their “strength” through the way they hold and respect themselves, as well as us.

If you no longer desire to see the other person, then you leave the relationship. Why spend time projecting expectations before experiencing a relationship?

[]Robert Graham: I had one really long-term relationship when I got out of college, and we were living together, but just like Graham, I was all over the place. It's more just pressure I've put on myself, but I'm so thankful they've asked me to even be part of these opportunities.… continue reading »

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