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They made as many alphabetical letter combinations as possible and developed a patented metal crest for cars with interchangeable letters.

The Great Drepression of the 1929 forced the business to take a new direction due to the car dealerships and owners not being able to afford initialising their vehicles.

Various new lines were released in the early 1980s that were seen as "fashion forward" and they also acquired the Yves St.

Laurent licence for costume jewellery which saw some stunning creations hit the high end stores from August 1982.

By 1985 the Monet company had seen many changes and the once family orientated business, was no more.

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Many new products and fashion lines were created and the business expanded considerably; by 1979 they were international.If you are interested in viewing more photos of Monet pieces, I have loaded many onto my Facebook page, please take the time to visit. The Monocraft business is said to have commenced in approximately 1927 by brothers Michael and Joseph Chernow, first based in Brooklyn, New York USA.Monograms were a huge trend in the 1920s and 30s and Monocraft honed in on this by launching "Initials by Monocraft" that targeted car owners looking to personalise their vehicles with decals which quickly developed into metal initials.The results, some of the most beautifully designed and constructed pieces you will find in the market to date and the quality is second to none with the Monet pieces of the 1930s - 1970s standing the test of time.

Monet jewellery was so popular in the 1960s and 70s that they were not able to meet the demand of consumers and the business was able to be selective with who carried their lines, choosing the more upscale department stores.Their new target was handbag department stores, where handbags were personalised at the time of purchase.