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01-May-2020 16:46

If your ex seems to be working hard to upset you and to draw you into his or her games, that person may be doing so because he or she know this is the only way to get you to actually interact.So the worst thing you can do, if you really want the relationship to be over, is to give in and react in a way that puts you on your ex’s level.So whether we’re talking about taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, or psychologically, it really is crucial that you set clear and firm boundaries with your ex.You can do so in a way that’s both kind and respectful.As you read through these different boundaries, ask yourself whether you have, in fact, actually and finally ended the relationship.Communication Boundaries Sometimes we think we’ve clearly delivered a message when in fact we haven’t.The point is, you need to confirm that the relationship is definitely over and that the person’s intrusions into your life are completely unwelcome.

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You have to set clear and firm boundaries, and you have to let the person know that the relationship is absolutely and unconditionally over.Don’t sink to his or her level, and don’t get caught up in any one-upmanship.