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14-Nov-2019 09:56

Ernie Ball have been around since the fifties, creating their custom string gauges in the early 60s.

Music Man were formed in 1972 and were sold to Ernie Ball (his son Sterling Ball is the current CEO of the company) in 1984.

The input of modern guitar amplifiers is a 1/4" jack, which is fed a signal from an electro-magnetic pickup (from an electric guitar) or a piezoelectric pickup (usually from an acoustic guitar) using a patch cord, or a wireless transmitter.

For electric guitar players, their choice of guitar amp and the settings they use on the amplifier are a key part of their signature tone or sound.

In 1929, Vega electrics launched a portable banjo amplifier.

In 1932, Electro String Instruments and amplifier (this is not the same company as Stromberg Electro Instruments) introduced a guitar amp with "high output" and a "string driven magnetic pickup".

There is a wide range of sizes and power ratings for guitar amplifiers, from small, lightweight "practice amplifiers" with a single 6" speaker and a 10 watt amp to heavy combo amps with four 10” or four 12" speakers and a powerful 100 watt amplifier, which are loud enough to use in a nightclub or bar performance.

Guitar amplifiers can also modify the instrument's tone by emphasizing or de-emphasizing certain frequencies, using equalizer controls, which function the same way as the bass and treble knobs on a home hi-fi stereo, and by adding electronic effects; distortion (also called "overdrive") and reverb are commonly available as built-in features.

The Stingray bass is perhaps Music Man's most iconic and successful design.

They are equally as famous for their basses as they are for their guitar designs.

Their instruments have been played by a number of famous players over the years, many as endorsers with signature model guitars.

In the 1920s, it was very hard for a musician playing a pickup-equipped guitar to find an amplifier and speaker to make their instrument louder as the only speakers that could be bought were "radio horns of limited frequency range and low acoustic output".

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The cone speaker, widely used in 2000s-era amp cabinets, was not offered for sale until 1925.Generally, Music Man guitars are slightly retro in style but have a high level of originality in their designs.