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Hong Kong Day Trips bring you to stunning beaches, quiet fishing villages, areas with abundant wildlife and natural beauty, historic villages, colonial architecture of a former Portuguese enclave, and the bold and contrasting blend that is modern and traditional China.

The Geography of Hong Kong is surprisingly varied, beyond the compact jungle of the high-rises and the busy retail and entertainment districts, lie large expanses of greenery, rugged mountain peaks, natural reserves and over 260 islands.

Some original tenants have moved back to the Blue House, while new tenants are enlisted through its Good Neighbour Scheme -- a plan to attract residents who are eager to participate in community activities and to preserve the Blue House's neighborly spirit.

Hong Kong counts with a wealth of spectacular attractions which coupled with first-rate transportation and accomodation facilities, make it a very enticing tourist destination for people from all over the world.

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With a history dating back to 1920, the Blue House -- a tenement house covered in blue paint among a cluster of historical mixed-use walk-up buildings in Wanchai -- is Hong Kong's first community-led heritage conservation project and one of the best examples of revitalization in town.

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