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The manufactory in Herend was established by Vince Stingl in 1826. In 1839 this situated near lake Balaton factory was bought by Mór Fischer. Herend won a golden medal at the first World Exhibition in London in 1851. They are guided probably by both - their personal preferences and trying to generate some material values, nay, even multiplying value by creating a set of individual pieces.

Next exhibitions became important for Herend factory as a venue to present new product lines. In 1992 the factory became again a share-holding company. Since 1990 Herend marks have had date codes, as seen below (K91 - November 1991), incorporated in it. There is a drop of boasting in gathering, as well as a desire to stop the magic that is hidden in old things used by the former generation.

In 1872 Emperor Francis Joseph made the manufactory oficially the Supplier to the Imperial and Royal Court.

In 1874 Mór Farkasházi Fischer retired, the management of the factory was taken over by his sons.

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And although the name changed somewhat when Germany no longer had a Royal family, to “State’s Porcelain Manufactory in Meissen”, most collectors refer to products by this factory, which is still in full operation, as simply “Meissen” or “Dresden”.

As a consequence, porcelain was imported in large numbers from China and Japan, who had also mastered the art of porcelain early on, and became the prized possessions of many an Aristocrat or Royal Palaces in Europe.

Chinese and Japanese porcelain was extremely expensive and usually came in Blue & White or in other traditional Oriental themes.

Not only other newer porcelain factories began to use these marks in Germany, but this practice expanded to a number of decorating and art studios that did not necessarily have their own manufacturing facility to produce porcelain.

Furthermore, this furious copying of both the style and marks as used by the original Meissen factory was soon to become a thriving business in the rest of Europe like in France, England and elsewhere.These names represent specific towns in the Saxony region of Germany (previously Poland) and this misnomer is partly explained by the very history of the first indigenous appearance of porcelain in Europe, and especially by how its production spread from that region thereafter.

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