Dating someone the same age as you

08-Dec-2019 07:28

Maybe he's 30 and you are 20, but he is just as confused about his life as you are about yours.

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Society holds a negative stigma regarding age differences, which causes people to obsess over it.

I don't see why that number should stop the blossoming between two lovebirds.

Of course, he has seen more days on this Earth, but that doesn't mean he understands where he stands in life more than you do.

But for the most part, suggesting a range of fun things that don’t become repetitive could get him out of his set ways slowly but surely. Like I said, if you allow it, things can get pretty dull.

While I love me some him, my partner has no problem with chilling indoors all day, catching up on his taped shows and eating the same rice dish every week. Feel free to encourage an opportunity for the both of you to cook together. Hit up a cute wine bar and talk about more than work.I’m currently in a relationship with a fella the age of my older sister.