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29-Nov-2019 23:35

LOVE HACKING is Jenni Nelson’s thesis film for her MFA degree in Documentary Film and Video at Stanford University.

The Kickstarter project will fund 25% of the budget of the film, and she’s already at ,925 of her ,000 funding goal with 11 days left!

Seeking Asian Female is a film about facing and unlearning stereotypes and the judgments that stem from them.“All three of us — Steven, Sandy and myself — changed the expectations that we held of each other before we met,” says Lum.

Finding myself caught in the middle of their tumultuous lives, I begin to see their complicated relationship from many different angles.” Sandy comes to realize that both Steven and life in America are not as ideal as she had expected.

NBC News and Today Show Correspondent Amy Robach reveals how online daters are using cutting-edge technology in search of love and how digital entrepreneurs are getting rich helping them do it.

You’ll meet scientists, mathematicians and psychologists who claim they can draw revealing conclusions about you from what you do — and don’t do — on their websites. CNBC takes you inside a business trying to unlock the secrets of the human heart with science.

The following conversation has been edited for clarity and length. they’ll want to watch it because it’s reflective of their lives.

Lisa Bonos: I found the documentary to be incredibly comprehensive. [But] it will hopefully also be interesting for people who know nothing about it. is that we are in a truly unprecedented moment in terms of dating and mating due to technology.

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But what they’re talking about here is disrupting evolution and disrupting manners and disrupting love and sex.

An investigative crime special examining two of the greatest murder mysteries in pop culture history, digging deep into the entangled murders of hip-hop’s most legendary adversaries – rappers Tupac Shakur…

Once on society’s fringe, online dating has gone mainstream and is now a booming multi-billion dollar business.

But as she confronts many of Steven’s bad habits, he begins to change.

Without an open mind, and a little bit of his own open source and hacker philosophy, he wouldn’t have gone on this wonderful journey.Have you ever dated someone online who lived in another country?