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The Journal of the Ancient Chronology Forum is the journal of the Institute.

In its time it was the only academic publication dedicated to the study of old world chronology: a high quality, award-winning journal, heavily illustrated with diagrams, charts and photographs to enhance the arguments put forward by the contributors.

In particular, in recent years the Journal has provided a forum for debate about the radical 'New Chronology' revision of Egyptian and related history.

Although ISIS as an organisation formally closed in October 2005, it has left this valuable legacy of research which it hopes will now find a wider audience.

An introduction to the New Chronology of David Rohl may be found at the Wikipedia link above.

"The Journal in which the New Chronology was first developed" Mar 15 Site updated, links and new stats counter.

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Meanwhile interest in ancient Egypt continues unabated; the New Chronology discussion group remains active (see links), and further publications from individual scholars have appeared, including work on removing the Greek Dark Age (David Rohl's 'Lords of Avaris') and integration of the NC with Assyrian history (Bernard Newgrosh, 'Chronology at the Crossroads').

has been to offer its pages as a forum for debate on all matters relating to the study of ancient history and chronology.

Therefore the views expressed in contributions to this Journal are not necessarily those of the Institute or the editors.

Feb 07 'Lords of Avaris' published:'The origin of the Western World as revealed by the NC.' Dec 06 2000 visits this month. With a radical new proposal for the integration of Assyrian, Hittite and Egyptian history this is a major development in the New Chronology.

Back paper copies of JACF vols 3 - 10 are still available. Feb 09 The Average visit to this site takes 4.5 mins, 10 pages. Oct 06 JACF 10 added to online archive (To access, ‘Search Archive’ and go to volume index.) 900 visits. Six month uptrend in website user statistics, (with no advertising).