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27-Dec-2019 09:18

They can’t enter information into patients’ charts, can’t do research, can’t bill for their time. Swift gets a flu shot and recommends them to others.And she supports mandatory vaccination policies for some conditions, if there’s clear evidence that unvaccinated health workers pose a risk to patients.The study, published Friday in PLOS One, concludes that the research used to justify mandatory flu shots for health sector workers is flawed, and that the policies cannot plausibly produce the benefits that had widely been assumed. “The reason why I do that is I continue to have the impression that it could work.

Here are some excerpts from the study as published by the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota: Hospitals and public health officials strongly promote healthcare worker (HCW) flu vaccination as a step to protect patients, but a new analysis found that evidence for a benefit isn’t as strong as previously thought.

And influenza experts who commented on the analysis pointed out that, for specific outcomes such as lab-confirmed influenza, the data showed little evidence of protection for patients.

The meta-analysis, by researchers from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), appeared in an early online edition of .

Here are some of the stories we reported on last year: Tri Health fires 150 employees in Cincinnati for not getting flu shots More Nurses Refuse Flu Vaccine and Lose Their Jobs – Will only pro-vaccine people soon work at hospitals?

Brave Nurses Lose Jobs to Stand on Principle and Refuse Forced Vaccinations Another Healthcare Worker Tells Her Story of Losing Her Job of 17 Years for Refusing Flu Vaccination Now, a recent meta-analysis study just published this month by the CDC reveals that flu vaccinations among healthcare workers offer no evidence of protection to the patients under their care!

In addition, the science behind flu vaccination mandates has been a topic of recent debate.