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But throw a bunch of different cultural stereotypes and dating etiquette into the mix and suddenly finding the one takes on a whole new level.

For the 34% of expats who are single and ready to mingle, navigating the dating scene in a foreign land can present its own unique lessons in love; whether you’re dating online or meeting people by flirting with them the old-fashioned way, it’s difficult to know how in advance much of the stereotypes you know are true. Will a Russian literally drink you under the table?

is a curious traveller, expat, Netflix addict, and food lover (the eating part, not the cooking part).

When she isn’t practising ashtanga yoga or dancing it with friends, she is probably making travel plans.

Ever wondered why there’s so many waffle and ice cream shops in the centre of Amsterdam? It is estimated that a significant part of the eight million tourists that visit Amsterdam every year comes to consume drugs such as weed, cocaine, mushrooms and more.

Even though it’s not illegal to smoke pot, tourists often have little prior experience with drugs and are not aware of how strong it can be here compared to other countries.

You can follow her adventures, including neat travel tips and tricks, on The White Rabbit.

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Tourists on bikes in the centre of Amsterdam not only make the roads in the city centre a lot busier, but also makes them less safe.

More than eight million tourists visit Amsterdam every year.

Projections say that the city will attract 30 million visitors annually in 2025.

Most tourists are not used to riding a bike and don’t know that they can be a danger to themselves and to locals.

I’ve seen them suddenly stop in the middle of the road to take a picture of a canal, ride next to each other in small streets blocking all other traffic, take the wrong way on the cycling path and get stuck in the tram rails.The point isn’t to scare you away from travelling to Amsterdam, but to simply help make you more informed, be conscious and know what impact you have as a traveller visiting Amsterdam.