Iranian dating uk

23-Sep-2020 04:58

Iran quickly recovered the debris of the drone and they looked very dry, suggesting the spy drone fell on Iranian land.

This may have been an action to test Iran’s military response time by violating its airspace off its coast. Now UK/US want to attack Iran for downing an unmanned spy drone? The neocons fund and, therefore, control many Western media networks.

Let us not overlook the potential roles of Russia and China, or even of India and Pakistan, in any conflict in the region which can escalate the consequences way beyond the region.

The oil grab lasted nearly 100 years, mostly to operate their empire.

The day when smaller countries will have the capacity to fire missiles, including nuclear-armed ones, at their enemies is on the horizon.

North Korea is a good example of such countries with no or limited other options with which to defend themselves.

Iran is a large country, nearly three times the size of Iraq and Vietnam.

The US-backed Israeli strikes on suspected nuclear facilities in Iraq and Syria, and the relentless pressure exerted on Libya to prevent it from acquiring nuclear capabilities happened when reactors were still being built and not functional yet.Is the world that much more in danger if Iran gets the Bomb?