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06-Jun-2020 15:10

The autopsy is being done at the moment and they found bruises on his back, his face expression is also very weird, cramped somehow as if he was in pain. It was quite unnerving and surprising, but I spoke with my friend about it and she reckons it was the energy shifting?

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I dont know why i said that but i had to, dont know what happened. Thanks Lupe Meloni Reply My son passed away 2 weeks ago.

And lately today, I been getting spiritual chills more than once a day and idk what it means. Reply This vibrating or chills with goosebumps I’ve always had every great once in while over years well over last month meditating and finding a more appropriate ways to work on third eye raising vibes all that there is no goosebumps at all both of my sides from under arms to pants waist had the sensations sides only for four days now after last night i did a couple little energy ball exercises in hands and feet now the sensations i spoke of at beginning is going from my sides radiating into my back around the back not up or down just underarms to pants now around back any advice it’s easy but can be annoying when it starts going and going Reply I have something or someone almost keeping me up all night long poking me touching me jerking my hand fingers harms legs..i feel chills and heat spot sensations on me ive been pretending its not scared that it could be bad but im not entirely sure.always felt things like if something bad was going to happen and then it would happen but i need to know that this is good.. Reply I was sleeping last night and got woke up by a cold chill passing by me. My mom is older now and my boyfriend is away on a trip with no way of contacting him and makes me feel a little uneasy Reply I started really noticing the chills two days ago.