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"The data are often released publicly against a person’s wishes.

It is a practice frowned upon by users of Reddit, a popular online forum, and many others.” Its most trans-related usage was in a lawsuit filed by lawyer and radical feminist activist Cathy Brennan last year against a journalist and the company that owns the "TERF" is an acronym for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist, and is used to describe those radical feminists, like Brennan, who oppose inclusion of transgender women in spaces they reserve exclusively for women assigned female at birth.

"Doxxing" is short for “dropping documents,” a practice begun by hackers more than a decade ago.

These hackers would collect and then reveal “personal and private information, including home addresses and national identity numbers," according to .

It can be a huge blow when a trans man is called “miss” or a trans woman is addressed as “sir,” as seen in the Season 2 premiere episode of “Passing” is among the most controversial of the 10 Terrible Trans Words, in that it represents two contrary perspectives on the transgender experience.

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Last year, at least 21 trans women were killed as a result of transphobic violence — nearly double the number killed in 2014.License and registration, please.” For decades, it has also been used in boxing to describe the act of punching someone in the face violently.