Logan henderson demi lovato dating

22-Apr-2020 21:33

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Lovato, who turns eighteen this month, has high cheekbones and dark-brown eyes and a dimple in her chin that lends softness to what might otherwise be too severe a countenance.

Until recently, she wore her hair in bangs, in the manner of a young Demi Moore or Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The plots unfold within the confines of a fictional TV studio that (one presumes) is a fantasy projection of the Disney Channel; the characters are all child stars on the fictional network’s series.

In other words, you’re watching a commercial for the Disney Channel when the commercials aren’t running, and instead of lending some humanity to this cold conceit, Lovato just keeps winking at the audience to let us know that she’s in on the joke.

Do such distinctions even matter when your entire life unfolds inside a hermetically sealed universe populated only by fellow teen phenoms?

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But the multiplatform triumph of these two teenagers—Gomez just leaped to the big screen with —points to a larger and stranger phenomenon.Eventually they attracted the attention of the Disney Channel and moved to the West Coast.

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