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06-Oct-2020 22:22

If like Mattie, your cat has inherited the three types of hair commonly found on Persians; guard hair, awn, and down, without daily grooming, their hair will mat frequently.

Long-haired cats living indoors can shed all year round.

I had to make friends with her quickly, Helen said.

Somewhere in her moggie-mixture, she must have Persian in her.

Her long hair would mat every time I looked at her!

The loose hairs if not removed by a rake or long-toothed comb will become entwined with the guard hairs. The mat then becomes a cat hair magnet, inviting other hair to join it.

Introduced in 2011, the use of cork, a renewable resource, for the labels inside the bags is another great sustainable feature of Matt & Nat designs.

Mattie used to belong to Helen Taylors Southern California feral colony.

Work from side to side (not up and down) to avoid accidentally stabbing kitty and begin to work the hair loose.

Once the hair is loosened, use the comb and gently comb the hairs apart.The reason is moisture (urine and feces) acting like glue, holding the hair together.

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