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The earliest examples had a plain black on white inner paper label giving the model and serial numbers.Later one's (c1972 onward) had white labels that had gold lettering with a border, often reddish-brown or purple in color. followed by an ink stamp of the model number, and prefixed by the serial number assigned to the instrument. L-R as seen through the sound hole: Serial number, "Brand," Model number.) Serial Numbers Sigma serial numbers do not provide an indicator of the year in which a particular model was built.Dreadnought models DM-5 and DR-7 are the most common early Sigma guitars until the late '70's.D for dreadnought, R for rosewood, M for mahogany and the number denoting the grade of wood, 5, 7, 9, 11, 15.Later first and second generation Sigma guitars were clearly made of laminate wood for the back and sides, with the exception of several Limited Edition models, such as the D-10 Anniversary guitar.Other Sigma instruments included mandolins, banjos, acoustic and electric basses and solid body and hollow body electric guitars.For example, serial numbers on the earliest DR-7's start with 4 digit numbers on through 5 digit numbers.

It being a smaller, local store, the instrument may have been sitting there for a while before I acquired it.Guitars made in Taiwan have a different headstock decal: "Sigma Guitars" on top with a miniature version of the "C. The paper labels for model/serial number identification had also changed again, this time with a fancy border and the word "Sigma" or "Sigma Guitars" in gold ink.