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22-Oct-2019 03:46

When you enter our paradise you already know or should know what your place is, you are part of our stable of pets, you have one purpose in life and that is to make your superior owner happy, to beg for things like cock and ball torture, to beg for hard exhausting anal training, to dress up as slutty or as girly as your new owner or Master decides.

You are at our beck and call and will learn very easily the best forward is to always follow instructions. Good question – This your new owner will give the answer to, some of us want you serving every day or night, or we make you stand in a corner with your webcam on so we can see you all night when we are online with other slaves, we may decide once a week. Remember Your new owner/Goddess knows everything about you, she may just decide to use that against you, she may punish you very hard, she may make an example of you and write about you on her blogs, or just make your life an absolute hell – Is it worth it loser?

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Begin your journey into femdom chat with cruel, sadistic, sexy Mistresses and Dominas who want to train you.

They will degrade, abuse, humiliate and take ownership of you, they will demand you sign a slave contract and become their toy, their plaything their loser.

These are just some of the things our mistress cams have to offer, these superior women also enjoy all fetishes so no matter what type of fetish you may have you will find our ladies waiting and prepared to carry them out.

Busty Mistresses who love to tease with big cleavages to make you weak and addicted We have so many different types of BDSM webcam training online, so no matter what type of sub or sissy you are you will find a real strict female online now waiting to push your boundaries and get what she wants.

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Well, there is only one way to truly find out and that is by entering into one of the stables and submitting as all good pets should.

They enjoy mind play and have the art of manipulation down to a Tee.

A strong black femdom standing over you in powerful latex clothing holding a whip and telling you to bend over and become her bitch, but first she makes you write the words “loser ” on your face as she laughs and spits on you, before taking her left hand across your cheek in a hard-hitting slap.

This very hot Femdom Looks so good in this tight figure-hugging red and black latex dress- With her curvy figure, big boobs and pretty face she is bound to make any sub fall to his knees desperate to worship her.

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This mean female really loves humiliating and degrading slaves and subs and will spit in your eye should you speak without asking permission first.View our femdom humiliation page – for ideas and techniques These ebony Mistress chat rooms are full of women just like this big boots, holding canes and spitting all over you, sticking the finger up at you and telling you how they will tell your wife everything should you even consider disobeying.

After fulfilling their role as mothers, there is no need to keep the sexual relation. It’s enough to go to any Georgian city, town or church. The Internet is full of the buzz created by expat women and female volunteers from Europe: they usually claim everywhere they go, they are being hit on by randy Georgians.… continue reading »

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