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He then served as a social worker for the Oklahoma Department of Human Services in Tulsa from 1992 until January of 1995 with his acceptance into the 48th Oklahoma Highway Patrol Academy.After graduation from the 48th Academy, his original assignment took him to Troop K (Osage County) with an initial residence in Skiatook.Did you know that dogs have been used to help law enforcement for over now?The first unofficial police dogs were employed back in 1888, and police officers started off with using Bloodhounds based on their history as one of the best hunting dogs with the strongest sense of smell and tracking abilities.He later transferred to Troop B (Tulsa County) in September of 1997 until his first promotion to Lieutenant in 2003 moved him to Troop J (Enid).There would be a subsequent stop in Troop C (Muskogee) before promoting to Captain in 2006.He is very proud to have been a 1985 graduate of Sallisaw High School in Sequoyah County.After receiving his Associate degree from Connors State College in Warner, Oklahoma, he graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

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Some dogs are raised from puppies to become police dogs, others are taken from and re-trained from service dogs. There's no official barrier for entry, and different approaches are taken to bring in new police dog breeds and train them for different tasks.

Colonel Harrell held this rank for over 7 years with stops on the Creek/Muskogee Turnpikes, as well as Troop B (Tulsa) and Troop C (Muskogee).

He was promoted to the rank of Major in the fall of 2013, a position he held until December of 2017.

There's a number of police dog breeds often trained exclusively for police work that stand out as the best guardians of the innocent – sniffing out bombs, narcotics, and bringing down criminals.

But what dog breeds make the best canines for police work?

The range of work for police dog breeds has been quickly expanding as officers realize even more skills and talent that canines have.

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