Most secure updating routing information

28-Jan-2020 12:24

Each node in the network maintains a Distance table, a Routing table, a Link-Cost table and a Message Retransmission list.

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The Routing table of node x contains the distance of each destination node y from node x, the predecessor and the successor of node x on this path.The stations periodically transmit their routing tables to their immediate neighbors.A station also transmits its routing table if a significant change has occurred in its table from the last update sent.Every mobile station maintains a routing table that lists all available destinations, the number of hops to reach the destination and the sequence number assigned by the destination node.

The sequence number is used to distinguish stale routes from new ones and thus avoid the formation of loops.

When the network topology changes the nodes propagate update messages throughout the network in order to maintain a consistent and up-to-date routing information about the whole network.