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27-Jul-2020 19:07

There is nothing more appealing than seeing the person you love looking directly into your eyes while you talk with one another or just be. Sometimes, I just need a hug or someone to hold me and no words need to be exchanged to understand where they are coming from.This tells me that the other person has a vested interest in what I am saying and is really listening to me or being there for me. In my opinion, a much better option than sending an e-card or letting Hallmark say what you are thinking is to buy a blank card and to write your own words in it. I can’t tell you how special it makes me feel to see actual hand writing inside of a card these days. I know what they say about men being able to tolerate fewer words per day than women, but talking is such a turn on—somebody who cares about my thoughts, dreams, hopes, problems, and desires. When we are in a relationship, shouldn’t we all be able to speak candidly to the person who we are choosing to spend much (or most) of our time with? Hopefully, your partner just “The profoundest of all sensualities is the sense of truth and the next deepest sensual experience is the sense of justice.” ~ D. Lawrence You would think this would be obvious, but it unfortunately doesn’t always work out that way for everyone at all times.And, I am also very private about this part of my life as well.So, I have decided to write about some of the expressions of love that make me feel really close to my husband (and even some that apply to friends and family), which have nothing to do with sex.

There was a walking bridge that spanned the creek, and Hannah would usually ride her bike across it to get to the park. As she approached, I came out and told her there was something I wanted to show her. God she was adorable wearing a pink 'My Little Pony' shirt, white shorts, purple tennis shoes and pigtails with pink bows tied in her hair. "Yes, Hannah you may touch it." My voice cracked with the thought of this charming adorable little girl stroking my blood engorged member. Her touch sent shock waves through my cock directly into my balls, making them tighten up, and into my ass, causing my hole to constrict. Using just her fingertips, Hannah carefully pressed them into my cock, amazed at how hard it was. I scooped it onto the tip of my finger, held it out to Hannah and told her to taste it. Tears were pouring from her eyes as she tried to get up, but I held her head there, making her continue to gag.I am attracted to pre-teens - both girls and boys, and I am very much attracted to my 13 year old daughter.