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This post may contain affiliate links, for which we may receive a referral fee.The cost is the same to you and any compensation we may receive does not affect our reviews or rankings. They called and asked if I had made some strange transactions.You can upgrade your older version, or you can just get started with the latest version. For 2019, Quicken’s biggest new feature is web access from any browser.This is great news for those who want to be able to manage their finances from multiple computers, since before you could only access Quicken on the computer where you actually downloaded the desktop software.Other fixes and additions include: These are Quicken’s newer features, but here’s a rundown of the basics you can expect from this well-known platform: The first tab on your Quicken interface is the Home tab.This gives you a quick summary of your current financial situation.

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The drop-down menus at the top let you look at spending only from certain accounts, or from certain periods of time.

The good news is that you can customize this screen.

You can show your spending first or prioritize your investments. When you start up Quicken, the home screen will give you different quick-start options, as you’ll see below.

When I answered that those were in fact not my transactions, they immediately deactivated that credit card and sent me a new one by Fed Ex overnight express. Well, after I updated all my online bills with the new credit card number I thought everything was taken care of.

quicken not updating discover-40

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Then I went to reconcile my accounts in Quicken and was informed by Quicken that it couldn’t connect to my credit card account. I tried resetting the account as prompted by Quicken, but that did not solve the problem. The problem with connecting to my credit card account was caused by Quicken having a different credit card number than the credit card company.In order to keep the same account, but change the credit card number associated with it, you have to deactivate and reactivate One Step Update for that account.