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Henson), "the woman who is her own man," a successful businesswoman who thinks Harvey's book is a bunch of hooey. Jeremy (Jerry Ferrara) is "the man who won't commit." He's been dating Kristen (Gabrielle Union) since college, and she complains to her female friends that their apartment looks like a frat house.He thinks she really likes video games and science fiction and action figures; she only likes them to make him happy.

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Zeke complains that he's getting "a relationship without the sex" when all he wanted was "sex without a relationship." When Keith Merryman and David A.

In the comedy “The Love Guru,” Pitka (Mike Myers in his first original character since Austin Powers) is an American who was left at the gates of an ashram in India as a child and raised by gurus. His unorthodox methods are put to the test when he must settle a rift between Toronto Maple Leafs star hockey player Darren Roanoke (Romany Malco) and his estranged wife. Pitka must return the couple to marital nirvana and get Roanoke back on his game so the team can break the 40-year-old “Bullard Curse” and win the Stanley Cup.

to seek fame and fortune in the world of self-help and spirituality. Kings star Jacques Grande (Justin Timberlake) out of revenge, sending her husband into a major professional skid - to the horror of the teams’ owner Jane Bullard (Jessica Alba) and Coach Cherkov (Verne Troyer).

"female type/plan." Yes, the term he uses is "versus" because love, as we all know, is a battlefield, and, yes, that song is quoted here, as well.

See, the women of Think Like a Man (based on Steve Harvey's best-selling book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man) have taken Harvey's book (In case you've forgottenand the movie tries really hard to ensure that you never, ever forgetit's called Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man) to heart.

They simultaneously encounter snags in their relationships, and Story just lets them play out one after another after another as sad string music comes up on the soundtrack.