Schema rb not updating

07-Nov-2020 19:12

This is especially useful when you only allow authenticated users to access the Graph QL API.

We also want to indicate in the app UI whether our user is authenticated or not.

Finally, register our new mutations in the HTML element: we want to be clickable to show the update form. These components are so similar that we can put most of the logic into the reusable finds it in cache and makes changes (components are re-rendered too). We learned the difference between mutations and queries, learned how to implement them at the back-end, and how to use them from the front-end.

Now our application supports user sign-in and library management, so it is almost ready to be deployed to production!

Simultaneously explore data from multiple tables bind via foreign keys or virtual foreign keys.

Selecting a record in one table will update the children tables with the matching records.

There is no limit for the number of tables to cascade.

Here is the overview of our authentication mechanism: , to perform authentication, a base64-encoded email address as the authentication token, and an “Authorization” header to pass the token.

Note that it’s not necessary to authenticate users using Graph QL API: it could be done “outside”, e.g., via the good old REST.

For that, we’re going to add a panel showing a user’s name if he is logged in and “Sign In” button otherwise: .