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At first this did not cause too many changes at ERA, since the company was used primarily to provide engineering talent to support a variety of projects.However, one major project was moved from UNIVAC to ERA, the UNIVAC II project, which led to lengthy delays and upsets to nearly everyone involved.Not even Bill Norris, the founder and president of CDC, could visit Cray's laboratory without an invitation.In the early 1960s, the corporation moved to Ford Parkway in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Through this period, Norris became increasingly worried that CDC had to develop a "critical mass" in order to compete with IBM.

Seymour Cray soon became the chief designer, though at the time of CDC's formation he was still in the process of completing a prototype for the Naval Tactical Data System (NTDS), and he did not leave Sperry to join CDC until it was complete.The Navy never told Parker exactly what the team did, since it would have taken too long to get top secret clearance.