Sex dating in mosher south dakota

26-Oct-2019 17:58

She rubs it in their faces and leaves sl**ty comments on their social media.

She’s a miserable bar slore that screws anything with a d***.

Breaks up families and relationships and doesn’t even skip a beat. Taylor Davis-Bohr will literally have sex with anything with a [email protected]#k then complain that men don’t care about her.

She loves to get into relationships and then cheat every way imaginable.

Ladies – STAY AWAY from abusive, cheating men like this that do not treat women well at all. This little slut worked with my husband at Cigna Tel Drug and Crystal Mc Cormick screwed her way to the top all the way to screwing the managers.

After she found out my husband was married she started putting herself in “victim situations” where he needed to help her. She is a user and uses men until they have nothing else to offer her or the women they are with have left them, then she moves on to the next. Last I heard her sister said she was working at Kravn in Sioux Falls.

I am not the only person shes done this to, and i wont be the last. She still has alot of my money that i will never see. She messages his female friend repeatedly, making new accounts to do so when she gets blocked, harassing her and calling her a sloot and a cheating slore, seemingly forgetting that he divorced her because she couldn’t keep her legs closed.

Furthermore, she also messaged this woman’s husband attempting to convince him that his wife was cheating on him.

The girl awoke, realized what was happening, and tried to get the attention of her friend who was sleeping next to her in the bed.

Andrews then began to rub the girl’s inner thigh and kissed her neck.

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