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Spanish political interest overwhelmed that situation, but it was there. From your cultural-evolutionary perspective, is that a benefit from the perspective of increased interconnectivity between the people? HENRICH: I would see it as a great loss because languages contain rich ideas about the culture. You say Denmark is in some ways very well interconnected with the world.When people learn languages they may actually come to think about the world differently. You don’t have to necessarily impede communication. There’s a real chance in workplaces Danish won’t be spoken 30 years from now, and English will be. Shouldn’t you consistently at most margins favor the larger language groups?To anthropologist Joseph Henrich, intelligence is overrated. Because we’ve got pretty good evidence that extraneous females are not particularly problematic to society and it would help get rid of the remaining extraneous males? In the anthropological record, about 0.3 percent of human societies have polyandry. From a fitness point of view, males can create children with a number of different females simultaneously. Females: there’s no advantage to her from a fitness point of view of having multiple husbands.Social learning, and its ability to influence biological evolution over time, is what really sets our species apart. We were colleagues at the University of British Columbia. The husbands will invest in the children according to the degree to which they see themselves as the father.HENRICH: My take on this is that we do have a tribal psychology.The key to building nation states and religions was to harness this tribal instinct.It may actually have some positive cognitive effect; debate remains about that.

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In other words, we didn’t need a lot of cultural pessimists and individual learners; we needed a lot of people thinking alike and following the norms. But my take on the history, at least of invention (that’s something I’ve spent a little bit of time on; it could be different in other domains), is great ideas actually come from a recombination.

One of the things nations do is try to create a uniform language because language is one of the key cues that people use in figuring out what group they’re in.