Sligo dating

14-Jun-2020 23:52

Yeats’ grave lies at the foot of Benbulben in the village of Drumcliffe, ten kilometres from Sligo Town.

Prehistoric passage tombs at Carrowmore and Carrowkeel, and countless smaller monuments imbue the countryside with a certain mystique.

Unlike Benbulben, Knocknarea has a signposted walking path to its summit.

This will take around 40 minutes from the car park, and at the top you’ll be greeted by a Neolithic cairn named for Queen Maeve of Connacht, a character from the Ulster Cycle of Irish Mythology.

For more information there’s a visitor centre in an old farmhouse next to the site, also providing guided tours of the complex from March to October.

Once a large plateau, Benbulben is a 526-metre shale and limestone mountain that was hewn into its unmistakeable form by Ice Age glaciers shearing through the landscape.

The River Garavogue, which flows through Sligo, originates at this freshwater lake a couple of kilometres east of the town.

The restored central tomb, Listoghil was built 5,500 years ago and you can go inside this box-like chamber.

Although the building has decayed there’s some beautiful Gothic and Renaissance sepulchral sculpture, Ireland’s only original monastic high altar, dating to the 1400s and cloister arcades preserved on three sides.

Where Sligo Bay meets the ocean, Rosses Point is an old seafaring village with glorious views across the bay.

It’s the only monument at Carrowmore where Neolithic art has been found, and is also the only tomb where bodies were interred rather than cremated.

All of the other cairns seem to radiate from this one monument.

The result is a rust-coloured giant often described as “Sligo’s Table Mountain”.

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