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25-Feb-2020 20:19

For the sake of review, the various caching strategies I looked at in that post include: The exam ref focuses all it's energy on Object Cache and some of the supporting classes from the System. Files and Sql databases can be monitored for changes, invalidating the cache when the data of interest is changed.

The Host File Change Monitor is use to track the state of a file, and Sql Change Monitor for a database.

(cute Editor from cutesoft) I also have a Treeview that dynamically populates my website structure.

I placed this treeview in a custom control (populate Tree View.ascx) and placed it on the edit page.

Hi ljp007, Here are some links about invalidating Sql Cache Dependency: they help.

Thanks, Control of the page and the controls on a page I am building a web app that has some pages that are public and some that are only available based on subscription.

when remove the script from content page problem is resolved. How to access page control (editor control) from user control?

Hi, I want to do something, but I don't know if it's even possible.

Can you look at my code and see if I am missing anything? Between attempts to Data Bind the Grid View, I change the table's values expecting it to invalidate the Cache["Pets"] item, but it seems to stay in the Cache indefinitely.

I enabled the Service Broker for the Sandbox database.

Establishes a relationship between an item stored in an ASP.

When you click on a html file in the treeview (inside the custom control) I check if the file exists.

If it does exists I send it to a class which retrieves the editable region within this ...The sqldependency has never worked, it is not a stability issue as described in kb916002.