Tennis player dating hockey player

20-Oct-2019 15:23

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So her goal is to milk you for whatever she deems appropriate.

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She isn’t interested in addressing the issue because to her there is no issue.

So here are some signs to consider when trying to avoid falling victim to a female player: Plenty of women have a lot of male friends simply because they feel men are easier to deal with. The problem is when you notice these various “friends” always doing things for this woman.

It’s possible she is in “pimp mode” and taking advantage of their interest in her.

So her desire to constantly flirt is something you may want to keep your eye on.

Some will even flirt right in front of your face and then make it seem like you’re just being crazy when you take issue with it.Don’t be so quick to let her beauty blind you and be willing to take a deep look at who she really is as a woman.