Tips for dating a farmer

14-Aug-2020 17:37

Above all, you both must appreciate that any bad language hurled at each other while sorting cattle can be forgotten about once they are sorted into their two separate batches.

In fact, bad language is expected and can even be enjoyed as at what other time can you tell your loved one he is a f**king idiot for not realising you’re not telepathic.

We usually have our main meal at when the children are home from school.

When they are on holidays, it tends to be a bit earlier, -3ish.

Tip: it helps if you wave your arms, dance and shout too at the bulls if need be.

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However, even texting him may get a reply that says ‘be home in an hour’ or perhaps no reply at all and then he wonders why the dinner is dry/burnt/less appetizing. Perhaps you should read this list before you do 😉 Apparently in the 1940s and 50s, there were many single farmers in Ireland – partly due to not being able to afford to marry as they looked after aging parents and partly because some women had decided that marrying a farmer would be too much like hard work and wanted to marry those with other professions/jobs.