Updating directadmin

16-May-2020 14:51

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That is an extension to the TLS protocol which, simply said, allows you to host multiple SSL enabled sites on one IP address.

Almost the same command as above, but with another value: You can check via the web interface if you now have the most recent version: Now that we're all set up we can request a certificate for a website.

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Direct Admin now supports Lets Encrypt natively since version 1.50, so no more ssh fiddling, just via the control panel, for all the users on the server.

Directadmin's Custombuild has a function for this.

Do note that if you did any manual changed (not via Directadmin), they will be lost. Rewrite the confs, still in the custombuild folder: Now that your server is up to date, continue on to enable Let's Encrypt in Directadmin. You can execute the below command and it will add the configuration to the Directadmin configuration, but only if it's not already there: support (Server name indication).

Please keep in mind if you would like to replace a record, you must add the new record before you will be able to remove the old one. You have successfully edited your DNS within Direct Admin!

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA), run for the public’s benefit.Do note that I'm not sponsored by Directadmin (Hi John and crew) nor by Let's Encrypt. You need to login once via SSH to update Directadmin and enable Let's Encrypt.

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