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Specific tasks will include: • Conduct a systems analysis of graduate education, with the aim of identifying policies, programs and practices that could better meet the diverse education and career needs of graduate students in coming years (at both the master's and Ph. levels—understanding the commonalities and distinctions between the two levels), and also aimed at identifying deficiencies and gaps in the system that could improve graduate education programs.

• Identify strategies to improve the alignment of graduate education courses, curricula, labs and fellowship/traineeship experiences for students with the needs of prospective employers--and the reality of the workforce landscape--which include not only colleges and universities but also industry, government at all levels, non-profit organizations, and others.

An ad hoc committee, under the auspices of BHEW (Board on Higher Education and Workforce) and COSEPUP (Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy), and liaising with GUIRR (Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable) and TAC (Teacher Advisory Council), will lead a study of STEM graduate-level education in the U.

S., revisiting and updating a similar COSEPUP study completed 20 years ago.

Create a highly tailored program of study that includes intermediate and advanced coursework in special education as well as outside coursework to gain broader perspective and deeper insight into specialized topics.

Graduates of the Teacher Quality and Teacher Education program can be found in academic and research careers in universities, and in research organizations and public agencies working on issues of teacher education, professional development, and curricula.

Join a community of passionate educators committed to making an excellent education a reality of all learners.

This program prepares teachers and other professionals to assume leadership roles in institutions that have projects, courses and programs related to multicultural education, race relations and improving the academic achievement of all students.