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Example (User enters: 24052)If "Use Alternative" is checked, then use hidden constant [X] to calculate "Value Saved": (24052 - X = 1022) Well, even though I have shown my table structure, if you have a much more logical table structure for this survey, by all means I would love see what you had in mind.

Back to my original question: How would I format a CASE Statement query to update the database?

Change the field settings in pivot table manually one by one Change multiple field settings in pivot table with VBA code In Excel, you can change the calculation of the field settings by changing the function one by one in the Value Field Settings dialog, please do as this: 1.

Select a field in the Values area for which you want to change the summary function in the pivot table, and right click to choose Value Field Settings, see screenshot: 2.

;) table_foobar ( foobar_id, member_id, question_id, answer One, answer Two, answer Three, answer Four ) //Multiple questions for a single foobar Main survey.

tbl_foobar Question ( question_id, foobar Main_id, foobar Question ) tbl_foobar Main ( foobar Main_id, foobar Name, foobar Description ) your database is not normalised as was mentioned before.

Repeat the above steps to change other fields’ calculation settings one by one. Hold down the ALT F11 keys, and it opens the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window. Click Insert Public Sub Set Data Fields To Sum() 'Update 20141127 Dim x PF As Pivot Field Dim Work Rng As Range Set Work Rng = Application.

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returns one or more bytes that are ordered from left to right.

The rightmost bit of each byte is the least significant bit.

The rightmost bit of the leftmost byte represents the first table column in the table, the next bit to the left represents the second column, and so on.

your answers should be in one table, using an FK to relate them to the questions table.

btw, why did you make up ficticious table names and then add the explanation?When you create a pivot table in a worksheet, after dragging the fields to the Values list in the Pivot Table Field List, you may get all the same Count function as following screenshot shown.

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