Updating samsung blu ray player

03-May-2020 12:30

(DVD plays fine on the POS Vizio 3D BD player I have (that came in a package deal and does NOT play videos through it's USB port))I cannot get more than three minutes into a video or DVD now without it cutting off, except for two specific files on the flash drive I usually use.

Then it plays for almost six hours without going into it's psycho mode (until last night, it went more than four, but not sure how much longer. Opened up the player twice now (and left the cover off the second time to maximize cooling, no change) and there are no apparent loose solders, no parts noticeably warmer to the touch, no bulges in any capacitors, but every indication is a heat issue.

I want to watch a football game tonight (TX A&M) that's gonna be on the SEC Network and remembered that's provided on the Samsung smart hub.

So I hooked up my piece of crap bluray player to see if it had magically fixed itself by being unplugged for a year. I was about to throw it in the trash, but decided to google the problem.

Had the same problem and it almost drove me to drink.

If your Samsung Bluray keeps turning off and on by itself and will not stay on, I have a fix...... This happens when the power to the Bluray is suddenly interrupted.1.) Turn on the Bluray, your TV and the cable box if you have one2.) As it does it\u0027s on and off on and off tricks, press the \u0022load DVD\u0022 button (above the #2 button ) on the remote3.) Put any DVD in and press close4.) When the DVD begins playing, press the Function TV source button.

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It's been on now almost 3 hrs, so definitely fixed. If anyone else reads this and has a touch screen samsung bluray player that is cycling on & off, this works. That only has basic functions compared to the remote.It would appear that disconnecting the ribbon cable seems to have instigated some permanent change to the system's awareness of it's own configuration?? I've been searching for a fix for my Samsung Bluray for weeks, and it's been driving me spare. I can only hope that you eventually got your unit working properly, as the 'CN2 cable disconnect solution' definitely does work (providing you didn't mistakenly/accidentally disconnect/disturb any other cable connections etc). Regards Chris Lynch Flag Permalink Wonderful- my BD6500 started acting up in the middle of a Rome series bluray. Wasn't easy getting the top off to start with, and it didn't click back 100% perfectly-but I don't see myself needing to take a screwdriver again to that player for the rest of its lifespan. PLEASE NOTE: Do not post advertisements, offensive materials, profanity, or personal attacks.

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